About Vlaanderen.be

Vlaanderen.be is a non-commercial digital hub of the government. It is a website that provides all-around information relevant to the citizens of Flanders. It can be seen as one platform where various information is aggregated to answer all kinds of questions in a clear and understandable way.   

Michael Ronsmans

Continuously interaction and feedback during the project were of major importance to deliver a high-end, relevant dashboard.

Michael Ronsmans

Digital Analyst

More digital content

During previous years, the amount of information on the website increased enormously. The website offers the possibility for external organisations to share their information. Therefore, the platform consists of their own content, but also of third parties who use Vlaanderen.be to get more visibility. Therefore, more data insights were needed to take this visibility into account in terms of real numbers and visitors' information.  

Digital challenges

The goal of the project was to create a correct overview of the visitors’ data on Vlaanderen.be and the subdomains for a durable period.

Dashboard building

All different parties can have access to the dashboard. This going from a more general overview of the website’s activity to the more specific content measures together with the different steps a visitor goes through. As a result, the editors can look in a fast, but efficient way to the dashboard to check their KPIs and to act upon them. In this way, people could decide whether some kinds of content should get either more visibility or should be deleted to provide a clear platform of information. To achieve the latter, several people were trained to become more data-mined and to understand the numbers.  

Peter De Prompt

We enormously appreciated the way Michael searched together with us towards an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard that answered all of our specific needs.

Peter De Prompt

Team Lead Connections Web Platform

Key points

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